Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It is sometimes difficult to explain your perspective or truly hone in on a clear idea. Tonight was just filled with learning about artists. I want to make them human. I want to know where they were born, what their father and mother did for a living and where they first moved for school or had a minimum wage job. I want to see where they had worked tirelessly just to get to the next day. I want the exposure of their work. In my young years, I have been exposed to some pretty harsh environments, the desperate poverty of Malawi or even suburban America. But, my actual experience with viewing visual art is fairly limited. There is vast world of objects, paintings and portals that I have not experienced. They are famous pieces, popular pieces of artwork that I have only seen on or in the pages of a used book from my brother. Many of my colleagues have championed Western European museums and New York City. They tell me the stories of frescoes or great halls of the Louvre. I sadly, have not yet had my opportunity to view such Masterworks. I was striped of this joy during my adolescence. I thought art was a hobby and not something to be taken seriously. It was never taught as a serious subject or spoken of in a legitimate manner. Yet, I am starting to see how vital a role it has played in our humanness. This is where I found how important educating the human character is and believe art has the power to make us better. We have to be better for the sake of the desperate situations of our times. We have to look to these valued pieces and use them as portals of dreams. And those who do not dream anymore, do not know the value of the journey. We must each speak our mind to others so that they may know you and be true yourself. Every moment is an opportunity. What is your favorite portal?

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