Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Buy Art. Not Clothes.

We live in a consumer culture. George Carlin reminded me yesterday. I was talking with my best friend and I had mentioned Carlin's YouTube clip that I had seen the day before mentioning our consumerist behavior in the United States and the corporate hierarchy that has engulfed this country. The clip had gone viral. My network cared about what Carlin was saying.

We must think. We must be intellectual and have conversation. Let's sit around our cafes and our city streets and discuss. Its important to the vitality of our community.

So, I decided, what do I care about? I care about what we see, our advertisements, our movie previews, our internet ads. I care about what they tell us and about how we think, or don't think about them. What can I do to change this lack of thinking, lack of caring. And if we spend money in this culture and I can't stop that capitalism right now? I think we could spend money on good things, good companies, and things that make you critically think about the world.

Think about buying a piece of art. Save a little here and there in a cookie jar and wait till you have $100. Then, go buy a small piece of art and place it where your family, roommates, neighbors can see. Maybe that will be one more small step in the right direction.

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  1. FROM JORDAN: I still have a nude Italian painting in my living room. My daughter calls it "The Nakey Picture". You'd be proud. :) Like your blog!