Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Void?

It seems as if we are living in a void. Our country is not only apathetic but our citizens are vacuous. This is not to say those holes cannot be filled. We can always find purpose. As the Opinator in the New York Times gave space to the feminization of Lady Gaga and her power, causing people to oppose this discourse viciously. But, if not Lady Gaga, who or what are questioning who we are as a citizenry, or as a tribe?There are few cultural icons that spur such emotion in contemporary American culture.

People barely remember what or who Tiger Wood slept with or what John Edwards campaigned for? Are we still fighting three wars? Are we supporting Apartheid in Palestine? Did Barack Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? Where is our food coming from?

All these questions spawn ethical debates, which are all important. They all need answers. Those answers partially come from our identity as American citizens, as well as, our foundational values. Lady Gaga knows about these debates, she writes music and wears clothes that inspire some of us to use our philosophical mind. We could then go one step more and use that inspiration for intentionality in our daily lives.

We all have to care about basic necessities to survive, I understand that more than ever in my life. I can't help but walk around the streets of San Francisco and feel the sense of extreme loneliness; it is in the eyes of the homeless and mentally ill and under the Prada sunglasses of a stock broker in the Financial District.

The Founding Fathers wrote about duty, responsibility and community in the Declaration of Independence. I know they might be rolling over in their graves right now connecting them to Ms. Gaga, but I can't help myself. I don't think they could have conceived of our culture. I want to wake American up. We are all responsible towards each other, we need each other to survive. Let the answers to the void be as diverse as the United States.