Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hey, you are such a ....

Hey, that guy is such a FAGGOT.
Why are you being such a FAGGOT?
You are a FAGGOT!

These phrases have been indirectly/directly used in front of me in the last two months in the city of San Francisco. (Supposedly, the mecca of safety for gay men).

This word. A word that holds so much meaning and history, yet said without much thinking. I was going to us asterisks to block letters, but honestly, I am tired of no one caring. So, by typing it, I am saying I care. I care what this word means to people and to those who choose to use it.

Think who you are around. I know this world is a big maze, sometimes without an easy way out. I get it. We have to think about political correctness ALL the time; its annoying, right?

Oh, wait, if we are a straight man: political correctness sucks if we are a heterosexual man, that's right.

Do I have to keep being hurt because you don't take the energy to use your brain?

This may be my angry rant against the "straight men" or is it something else? Or is this my way of letting people know that just because I moved away from the Midwest, or came out as a homosexual man, or rose above all the times I have been called this word since I was 6 years old, or being rejected time and time again...that I still get called this word. That innocent people still face the tragedy of idiocy.

Well, wake up America. We are racist, homophobic, unfair to each other, unloving and ungrateful. Wake up to your world. Choose something better.

I am tired of us not even choosing to see something beautiful in this world. In this maze, there is beauty. Choose to see it. Choose to use your words intelligently. No one is perfect. I am not asking that.

I am asking you to be aware. To know who you are around and maybe think about how that might impact someone else. I don't care if you are drunk, high, or immature. Play like a champion. All the time. No excuses. This isn't practice.

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