Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Glory

This is an exclusive photo from Gaga's new video, "Telephone" with Beyonce. Man, again I can't help myself but write about her. (Interesting article on gay icons and how they come to exist...)
She has so much power in our visual culture right now. Who drapes themselves with the American flag? It says so much because she stands for so much. She has a clear belief system, she has values and she is integrating them into her music, her dance and her image. I think her performance art is some of the most provocative,meaningful and important art that has been produced in quite some time. I think of my other visual artist genius, Keith Haring and how he is unabashedly produced his art work. He was just as aware of his culture and issues as Lady Gaga is. (Keith also help jump-start Madonna's career in NYC in the 80s).

You don't have to like her music, but you should listen to her over all message of acceptance and tolerance of others. It is much more refreshing than finding out Sarah Palin used Canadian health care at the same time bashing universal heath care. We need more Gaga's, those who recognize their faults yet, celebrate their light to the world. Keep shining Gaga!

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