Thursday, February 25, 2010

I want to move the world with art.

Gaga does it again.

I am beginning to think that this blog is dedicated to Lady Gaga. But, I still feel like it should hit a different note than that, though I think she is probably the artist out there that I am following closest.

When I watched this video, which was made for the MOCA's 30th anniversary, I just wanted to dance. I wanted to be the dancer, the director and the singer.

Good art does that, it pulls you into the piece.

This little preview, a preview for something that has already happened and will never happen again. The collaboration of Gaga, Damien Hirst, Frank Gehry, Francesco Vezzoli and Prada is spectacular. ("My wish is that the entertainment industry makes love more often with the art industry," said Vezzoli of the production. "I love that," replied Gaga. "Having my fans watch the [performance] video and be exposed to a level of art and a level of installation is so beautiful and so important.")

High art meets low art, happiness meets devastation, and celebrity meets nameless.

I keep getting "speechless" when it comes to articulating why I am doing what I am following. I am following this guttural experience of art that is digging inside my heart. It is as if I want to scream when I see great art, great expression, great color, great voice. Because I have been working my whole life to just express myself.

I see this in this video, the dancers with the piano, with the meal being prepared for a community. It all may be elitist, high art, but in the end it is shared in the video of the idea of bringing people together to celebrate creativity. Tell me who does that anymore? Have we forgotten that art is for the people. I really believe Lady Gaga writes for others, she sings for others, so that they may be themselves. We all need to scream a little bit and we all need to break free.

This isn't going to stop. I don't believe it will. Watching this video lights something inside me, it is a raging light for the world to see.

Watch it. Go move your world.