Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Single Man, Directed by Tom Ford

I have wanted to see the adaptation for Christopher Isherwood's novel, The Single Man ever since I knew that Tom Ford had bought the rights. The film was impeccable. It was patient and tedious. The film is pregnant with sorrow and joy. It everything that one would expect from a true artist of fashion and style. Ford was perfect to direct such a story of loss, especially with a man losing his husband of 16 years. They are trying to market this as universal love, but I think it circumvents love. It is gay. At the core, the most beautiful core, it is gay. Why are they so afraid to say that? The professor, played by Colin Firth, is in an excruciating, relentless pain of losing his love. They fought so hard to make the relationship so healthy. Go see it. Go sit and enjoy the awesome visual glory of The Single Man.

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