Friday, December 18, 2009

Does God Love Gaga?

I have had this trouble lately. Shedding guilt. There are multiple times throughout the day where I stop myself and wonder, does God still love me? I know it sounds foolish in our contemporary age of no religion, no belief, no accountability, but it still happens to this Catholic raised man.
Regardless of your belief system, American culture has bombarded us with images, speeches and commands of something bigger than ourselves. Honestly, I think we make any of our god(s) too small. Shouldn't the god(s) be bold, be courageous and fight for something they deeply love? I use Gaga as an example of many of the visual artists I love and connect to because I question my following of her constantly. (Most contemporary artists are like that, pushing the moral edges of our culture.) She prances around mostly naked and talks about sexual acts openly (while encouraging others to participate). She is not a moral compass. Nor has she ever claimed to be one.
This is my point. None of us are moral compasses, but we can help each other connect to our lives. I am pretty sure Gaga has a belief system (raised Catholic in NYC) and she has shed parts and kept others. Yet, I have seen that we have disconnected from our careers, our passions and our culture. We have created our own realities to sit idly by and watch it fall apart around our bubbles. Most world religions mention something about seeing their particular god in one another. Maybe instead of asking if God loves Gaga, we can spend more time loving each other (doctors, lawyers, artists, toll collectors, accountants, religious people). Because, I definitely heard Gaga say "I love you all" in a room full of people who all felt like little monsters.

This was posted a couple days after I had posted this entry: Huffington Post article, "God Hates Lady Gaga."

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